Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dads Are Capable

     There is a difference between a Father and a Father who has become a Dad. Those, naturally or with effort, who are Dads are capable. They are much more capable than t.v., media, and bad jokes give them. 

     They sacrifice, serve and pray for their children just like Moms do. They also have the duty of providing and protecting. Some Dad's protect this country so we can keep our freedoms. Some Dad's are businessmen and have to deal with headaches all day. Some Dad's are business owners and have to deal with even more headaches all day. Some Dad's work construction and work their body to death. Some Dad's are able to work at home and have to balance work and family life at the same time. There are a million different jobs that Dad's do, but when they walk in those doors and enter their homes they take on their role as Dad.

     Dad's help out with the housework, cooking, dishes and bedtime. They brush hair, help make lunches and have teaching moments. They change dirty diapers and clean up vomit (thank goodness). They watch the kids so we can get some time away. They seem to do all this with a special flare. As I watch my husband there is something remarkable, something sacred about what he is doing. He is fulfilling his calling, he is progressing and becoming more like our loving Heavenly Father. 

    Dad's aren't just capable. They are much more than that. They have problem solving, innovative  minds. They think of things that we never would. They make our lives easier. They are brilliant with their ideas. They are creative. They play with the kids in ways that we don't. That is what is so fun. They are strong and courageous; ready to protect. 

    Dad's love their families. They are honest, loyal and faithful men. To all you men out there that are Dad's: You blow my mind! You are awesome! You are exactly what we need and you help pick up our slack when we are overwhelmed. You encourage us and wipe our tears. You are our yang and complete our circle. Our kids are lucky to have a real man as their Dad. 

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