Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Your Spouse Will Not Bring You Happiness

Over ten years of pure joy and 6 pack building laughter. Over ten years of sleepless nights, tear stained cheeks and mending a ripped and torn heart. Sound like marriage? Sounds like my marriage.  For many of my youthful years I would look to others to make me happy. If something was done or said that was hurtful I would be devastated. Well, that may be a bit dramatic, but my happiness would be affected on some level.

Once I entered the eternal round of mawridge I looked to my spouse to make me happy. And what is up with being so touchy and sensitive with your spouse? Maybe it's just me, but one tiny comment made by him will send me into a whirling tornado of emotional derangement. That same tiny comment made by someone else will leave me indifferent.

Lately, while I read the scriptures I have been noticing a theme. I love how the scriptures come alive and you read what it is that the Lord wants you to see. My theme lately is "put God first". Take your eyes off worldly things and put them on God. Whatever you focus on in your mind is where you are laying your treasure.

As much as he wants me to be a helpmeet for my husband, he wants me to look to Him first. FIRST. Happiness will never come from my husband. Sure he can bring me happiness.  We can have mind-blowing emotional, spiritual, physical experiences together. We can have amazing times as a family with our children and have a life filled with joy, but real happiness starts with God. We all have experienced the fleeting pleasures and good times of living in this world. I have met plenty of happy people who do not know God and I wonder what would it be like for them if they did?

Life is messy and complicated, but God is simple. If we seek Him out first we can have an everlasting happiness. This is a goal of mine this year and I have to say I am not starting off too well, but the first step is acknowledgement.  So, may you raise your eyes toward heaven at all times and allow our Father in Heaven to bring you everlasting happiness :)

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