Friday, June 6, 2014

LDS Temple Names

(Albuquerque, NM Temple)

At 23 years of age I was detoxing from my previous lifestyle, living with my boyfriend and working a $7.00 an hour job. I was  totally elated to finally, after years of searching (since I was 8), to find the Truth. 

One of my questions to the missionaries while I was investigating was about how heaven worked. I did not believe in a split down the middle heaven and hell. At 8 years old I went through my communion in the Catholic church, I knew in my Spirit that what was taught was wrong. I got so daring to say that if this is how our God worked then I would rather not believe in Him. The thought of someone being "good" enough for heaven or "bad" enough for hell and that there was one line to separate the two seemed absurd. 

One of the gospel principles I fell in love with instantly was the three degrees of glory. When I heard the Plan of Salvation it resonated inside me and I thought my insides were going to bust out and make a mess all over the missionaries' suits.
When I heard the Plan of Salvation everything that I had always known deep down on a spiritual level was put into words. This is it! 

Fast forward almost 11 years and I have been sealed in the temple, have had 5 children, stayed active the Church and have been going to the temple and doing temple work. (Learn more about temple work here and here)I have been doing other people's names. Which is wonderful and all, but I am the only member in my family and NONE of our family's work has been done. That has been hanging over my head. I have tried before but with obstacle after obstacle- even going to the temple with names ready and having issues. Anyways, I have decided that I allowed Satan to steal enough of my time away from doing my family's genealogy and temple work. 

I have 5 names printed and ready to take to the temple!!! I feel they have been waiting a while and I need to get a plan together as to how I will get there and be able to do this thing! I want my husband and I to personally do the names I have ready and then the rest can be done by others. 

There is a hastening of the work and it includes temple work for those waiting on the other side.  

I really enjoyed some of these videos over at Roots Tech from this year's conference. 

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