Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Wow! I made a bold decision. One that I have been teeter tottering with for a while and have actually done before. We will be plunging in and begin official homeschooling. (I emailed my letter of intent of homeschooling to the county, so yeah it's pretty official.) Add that to my writing, blogging, Primary 2nd counselor calling and college student status. You can officially call me squirrel nuts. Nah, I'm excited. This summer has been going so great with the kids at home and with the "homeschool" work we have been doing thus far. I will have to kick it in high gear and add a lot more curriculum but I am looking forward to it. More travel, field trips, learning and growing together- what doesn't sound awesome about that?! Well, thought I'd share and let my little blogosphere know what my personal life is up to!

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